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The store Large Optical Wisdom offers a wide range of glasses and sunglasses of the best brands for both adults and children; fashion glasses, quality but above all guaranteeing maximum protection.

Also wide selection of contact lenses, both aesthetic and healing properties of the various defects of vision, and everything related to their proper maintenance.

Lacrime artificiali
Contact lenses
Liquids for contact lenses

Ophthalmic solution based on hyaluronic acid, amino acids and liposomes, is indicated for l' use of l.a.c ,exposure to sources of heat and air conditioning,a burning sensation in the eye,prolonged use of the pc and abrasions in the cornea.

L. a.c daily, monthly and fortnightly depending on your visual needs and is distinguished in spherical, toric and multifocal.

Solution a preservative, and detergent for the maintenance and the proper cleaning of soft contact lenses, rigid and semi-rigid.

And finally, a wide range of instruments, accessories, and gift items


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